recently, we’ve noticed a lot of “free of” ingredient claims from other nail brands. some nail products on the market claim 10, 12, even 16-free formulas. Kolors by K is committed to transparency about our ingredient choices, and determined to speak about our formulas in an authentic way as we create the healthiest nail polishes that work toward your health and not against it. Kolors by k is proud to say upon it's inception in 2016, we have been producing and distributing 100% vegan – no animal derived ingredients - and 10-free, formulated nail polishes without the following ingredients:

•dibutyl phthalate
•formaldehyde resins
•ethyl tosylamide
•triphenyl phosphate
and fragrances

while we live for Kolor, we proudly stand for transparency.  Kolors by K will always be opening to connecting with our community, the heartbeat of our brand, to ensure we are all transparent and “free of” any confusion.

we hope you agree, that’s the true meaning of being part of our #kolorbabe family!