Unleash your nails' true beauty and elevate your style with Kolors by K

Beauty Shouldn't Compromise Health!

At Kolors by K, our foremost dedication is to the health and wellness of our customers.
We direct our passion and energy towards crafting the healthiest possible nail polish options.
Our mission is to create nail polish products that actively contribute to the promotion of health and well-being
and we firmly believe that beauty and self-care should never compromise one's overall health.

Nail Care

Essential Care, Perfect Results:
The Perfect Kolors by K Cuticle Oil for Your Manicure

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I'm loving my Konfetti polish! I literally washed and styled my hair and It didn't even chip or become dull!
I'm in love!

Nene W

Bomb nail polish, ‘drinks on me,’ made by my friend: Kolors by K

Ashley W

I just have to say, I've bought a few colors by KolorsbyK and they are so amazing! This one is Mocha-Me-Crazy and it's my favorite polish to date. It applies really well, smooth and even, and looks absolutely amazing! I always get compliments when I have it on. But the best part is it lasts a long time.

Mariah L.

Loving my Kolors! I've been repainting this coral Kolor on my nails over the last few weeks! Kolors by K has such a beautiful dream and mission!

Jessica C