Kuticle Oil

Kuticle Oil

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(Coming January 2019)

KolorsbyK Kuticle oil absorbs quickly to instantly condition and protect cuticles from dryness, and provide nourishing moisture.

Directions: After applying two coats of your favorite KolorabyK Polish use our Gel Polish Top to seal, add shine and protect! whether you’re going for a quick-dry gloss, an anti-chip barrier, a plump cushiony look, or a soft-touch matte finish, our KolorsbyK top coat has your fashionable polish covered. 

KolorsbyK Tip: After you cleanse and moisturize your hands, apply cuticle oil to your nails. this will guarantee at least 6 hours of absorption without the product being washed or wiped away. you'll wake up to flawless Kuticles every morning.